Pocket Informant iOS as Possible Alternative to TaskTask

Sep. 25, 2015

You probably know that I recommend you use the iPhone and iPad app called TaskTask to access your Exchange Server -based MYN or 1MTD tasks when on the road. However, there are more and more cases where TaskTask cannot connect to your corporate Exchange Server. In some cases, it’s because corporations are, for security reasons, blocking access to their servers by third-party apps. In other cases, it’s because they’re using access protocols that are just not supported by TaskTask. So is there an alternative app?

The app Pocket Informant iOS is a possible alternative. It often works were TaskTask will not because it does not connect directly to the Exchange Server, but rather syncs your tasks through the native iOS Reminders app (which usually has no problem connecting to Exchange). There are a few problems, however.

Some Problems

First, it does not allow you to reverse sort tasks by start date within priority groups, something that is fairly important for MYN users when viewing their opportunity now tasks. But if you have only a moderate number of opportunity now tasks and don’t mind scrolling a little bit, this app can be used.

Another problem is that the app cannot sort alphabetically within priority groups and therefore is of limited use for 1MTD users.

And finally, if your corporation uses the security program called MobileIron to lock down your iPhone, that program appears to block communications between Pocket Informant and the Reminders app—so no syncing. (MobileIron also blocks TaskTask).

But if these problems do not sway you, Pocket Informant iOS might be a way to go. Particularly if all you need to do is see your Critical Now list—it does that fine. Also, it has a lot of other features you may like.

Video for MYN Configuration

It’s a little complicated to set up for MYN, so I created a video for how to do that.

Video on Using Pocket Informant iOS with MYN

(Note, I may later move this video to my paid video courses, so watch it now if you think you may need it and are not a subscriber to my Outlook video courses.)


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  1. Michael says:

    Maybe you should have a look on GoodTask – it also syncs with Apple Reminder.

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