First Bay Trail Tablet Announced

Sept 9, 2013

The next thing for Windows productivity tablets will be Bay Trail Atom based tablets that will have the lightness/size of an iPad, but all the power of a laptop. That will redefine productivity tablets, in my opinion. The first of these has finally been announced, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet by Toshiba called the Encore, due out in November. I’m not that excited about this particular model because it looks thick and heavy, but it’s good to see Bay Trail tablets are arriving this year.$329-encore-8-inch-tablet-headlines-trio-of-new-affordable-windows-8.1-toshiba-portables/

I talked about Bay Trail at the bottom of this article. Bay Trail processors are reportedly 3X faster than the current Atom processors. I am eager to see what Lenovo does with Bay Trail. Nothing announced by them yet though.

Michael Linenberger

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