Good Article about Moving Away from Long Hours at Work

This is a good trend, in my opinion: See this article

NYTimes article about moving away from long hours.


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  1. Mark Lense says:

    I used uboxes for a move and it was the absolute worst. I rented at a location near me and then the day before my move they called me to tell me they dont do uboxes at that location and I need to go 30 miles away to pick it up. This meant that I had to change my entire moving reservation, pay the movers more and change everything last minute. When the movers went to pick up the ubox uhaul wouldnt let them take it- made them insepct their truck which took another 1.5 hours and cost me another $300 for the movers to sit there and wait. I will NEVER use this again and do not recommend it unless you are looking to make your life miserable, you can reach them out and read other reviews at

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