How to be an Outlook Inbox Ninja

I released an Outlook Inbox Ninja video course last spring. But for those who have not watched it, here are the main points for becoming an Outlook Inbox Ninja.

The goal of being an Inbox Ninja is this: email is not distracting you from your main work and it’s not taking you too much time to process your email. Rather, you are keeping up with email easily, getting other work done, and not missing important communications.

Here are the Specific Outcomes of being an Outlook Inbox Ninja:

  • You are able to rapidly scan mail using advanced Outlook Inbox views and tools.
  • All tasks from email are captured in an easy-to-use task system
  • Important email is filed away using very rapid filing techniques.
  • All other email is deleted using very quick scans.
  • As a result, your Inbox is nearly emptied at least once each day, easily.
  • A simple email-archiving system is put in place if your server mailbox was previously running out of space—no more mailbox full messages.

Consider taking the Outlook Inbox Ninja video course so you can easily achieve these goals. We’ve got a 20% coupon offer this week, take a look.


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