Time Tracking in Outlook

Jan 25, 2012

I’ve had a number of people ask me if there were time tracking tools that work with Outlook, for tracking billable time.

Here is one product that just came to my attention. Called Chrometa and it is a plug-in for Outlook. They say it will track how long you are in specific emails (reading, writing). I have no idea if it is any good, but the need seems to be out there so I hope this info helps someone. If you try it, let me know how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Time Tracking in Outlook

  1. Saravanan

    Can you calrify exactly what functionality you're looking for in calendar syncing? Do you want it to import your appointments and somehow automatically categorize that time into buckets? –  Jul 7 at 11:36

  2. Judith

    Does anyone use Journal in outlook for rough time tracking? I would love some insight into how it works because it seems inconsistent to me.

  3. Jason

    Hi Michael, thanks for suggesting Chrometa as a time tacking for outlook. As a freelance worker I’ve been also using this time tracking tool called Timedoctor (http://www.timedoctor.com/) that tracks accurately time spent on each application and websites that are actively being used. Using this tool it helps me get more things done and help bill clients.

  4. Graeme Wright

    Try OutlookTime. It plugs into Outlook and allows you to turn your appointments and emails into timesheets. It’s really simple and easy to use and saves me hours every week.

  5. Inge

    Since last year we migrated to Temponia (https://www.temponia.com). We used an offline product before.
    Temponia allow us to convert calendar items from Outlook into time tracking. Your calendar appear in their app. Another bonus was their single sign on so we don’t need to relogin anymore.

    It’s been working great for us so far.
    BTW we use Office365, I’m not sure if it would work in desktop Outlook too.


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