Updated One Minute To-Do List Book (PDF) Available (still free)

Jan 25, 2014

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a few days. About a week ago we posted an updated PDF of the One Minute To-Do List book out on the free book site (replacing the old one).

Feel free to download it again and get the latest copy. The quickest way to do that is to go to the book’s extra’s page and click the download link near the lower left corner:


If the page asks you again for an e-mail address, just reuse your previous one and input any name; you won’t get subscribed twice to the newsletter–it knows better.

Mostly Minor Changes

The newer book has the same file name, but once you open it you’ll see the version increment and new 2014 date on the copyright page. The changes are not huge, mainly small fixes and some nods to Outlook 2013, which was not out when the book first came out. Also, a month or two ago we updated some of the free videos that are linked in that book (on the same extras page) to include Outlook 2013.

As before, the book supports both Outlook and non-Outlook users (the latter through showing how to use Toodledo with our productivity systems).

If you’ve liked the book before, download the new one and share it with your colleagues. Everyone deserves to learn how to dig out from an overwhelmed workday.

Michael Linenberger



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