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News from Bestselling Author of The One Minute To-Do List and Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

Two Major New Outlook Video Courses Just Released

#1 NEW MYN System 2020 Outlook Video Course

Today, August 22, I am releasing a new MYN Outlook Video Course. In the last six months I have gone through every single MYN Outlook video lesson and updated and rerecorded them all. I’ve also added five new videos to the set, for a total, now, of 42 videos. So today that new updated MYN Outlook set is now available, and you can go to this link to see it.

Changes, Benefits

The main changes are that all videos have all been updated for the latest Outlook versions and for my latest thinking on MYN. Also, they are all now wide-screen HD format videos (rather than previous 4:3 format). So, if you’ve been thinking of re-watching your prior MYN set, or have been holding off on buying the MYN set, now is a great time to purchase this new set with all new and expanded videos. Upgrade Paths

If you own the current set of MYN-Outlook videos, you have a clear upgrade path. First, if you bought your set on or after August 1, 2018, then you already have access to the new set free! Simply go to this link, log in, and start watching; again, it's free.

And if you bought it before August 1, 2018, and/or own other video products, check out the various discount pricing plans at this link.

#2 NEW Super Ninja with MYN

Here is another new updated course that I am releasing today.

Instead of buying the new MYN System 2020 Outlook Video Course I describe above as a standalone set, perhaps a better way to access those videos is to get them as part of the Outlook Inbox Ninja set. I am today releasing a new version of Outlook Inbox Ninja called Super Ninja. It consists of an expanded Ninja video set, with Section 4 replaced by 32 key MYN tasking videos. You can go to this link to learn more.

Why Use This Combination?

There are three main goals of my combining MYN with Ninja in the new Super Ninja course.

1. To provide an integrated one-stop course. That way you don't need to jump between the two courses. MYN is a very natural complement to the Ninja set, and visa versa.

2. If you know you are going to study both courses, the Super Ninja course removes the overlapping videos from MYN and so prevents you from wasting time on them. (You will notice, by the way, that the price of the combined set is adjusted lower to account for that removal, so you save money by getting these two courses together like this).

3. The MYN videos in Super Ninja have been modified to refer to specific Ninja Inbox processing lessons that compliment MYN--so the two courses work better when placed together like this.

There are even more reasons. Go to this link and scroll to the bottom to see the FAQ section with more explanations of why and how we combined MYN with Ninja. That FAQ section should answer all your questions.

NEW: Outlook Inbox Ninja is Updated and Enlarged Too

And if you haven’t looked at the Outlook Inbox Ninja email processing video set for a while, note that this set has been greatly enlarged with lots of new videos added over that last months, including one added just this past week. There are now 48 videos in the non-tasking sections (the ones other than section 4). That count is up from 35 videos when Ninja was first released. The 1MTD version now has 60 videos. And if you get the new Super Ninja you will have a total of 80 videos! But the price for the original two Ninja sets (with and without 1MTD tasks) has not been increased, not yet, so now is great time to start the Ninja training as well. Go to this link to learn more.

Upgrade Paths for Ninja and Super Ninja

And, you will also be happy to know that, If you already own the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video set, or the MYN set, there are now several generous upgrade paths to upgrade to the complete Super Ninja set. First, if you bought the MYN Outlook Video set on or after August 1, 2018, and you bought any version of Ninja at any time, then you already have access to the new Super Ninja set free! Simply go to this link, log in, and start watching.

Next, if you bought the MYN Outlook Video set prior to August 1, 2018, or simply own a version of Ninja alone, there are some good discounts for you to upgrade to the new combined Super Ninja set. Go to this link and scroll down to the Pricing section to see all those discount plans.

And there are discount plans for Ninja 1MTD and Ninja without tasks there too, so go take a look.

So, get started on one or both of these new courses today!