Conversation with New Toodledo Owners

Aug 17, 2018

I had a conversation last week with the new owners of Toodledo. Toodledo is the task management software I recommend for people who can’t or don’t want to use Windows Outlook to manage tasks.

The new owners seem like a great and dedicated group of people. I’ll miss the previous owner, but I am psyched about what this new ownership means.

First of all, they absolutely assured me that no features are going away. So all my 1MTD and MYN clients—you are covered.

Next, they shared their near-term plans. The main “plan” is that they want to get Toodledo out there more. They want to market it more. I think that’s a great thing because I’ve long felt that while Toodledo was the absolute best task management software out there, not enough people knew about it. With more users (and income) the company can then afford to add more features and improve the software even more.

The owners have a relatively large staff to bring to the product, and they have a lot of marketing experience, so I suspect they’ll succeed. In my opinion, they need to own the mindshare that another product, Todoist, has taken: that of a hip and multi-platform to-do list software platform. That other product doesn’t work with my MYN system, and integrates oddly with Outlook, so Toodledo deserves to own that space—Toodledo does work well with MYN and does integrate well with Outlook. Toodledo is much better software IMHO and they deserve recognition.

For their marketing upgrade they said that their first task is to modernize the home website, the marketing page (even though it was pretty good in my opinion). And they’ve already done a first iteration of that, check it out. And they told me they are going to start a productivity skills blog on their site (which they have invited me and others to contribute to, and I will).

But again all the features will remain, untouched. And hopefully even more added as they dig into their new product.

So that’s it. The new Toodledo owners seem good, and I think we’ll see great things in the future.


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9 Responses to Conversation with New Toodledo Owners

  1. Jim Raz says:

    Today they announced a price increase for the gold subscription from $29.99 to $89.88 per year. I hope to see an update from you regarding this and other options for toodledo users. The feedback has not been good on their forum.

  2. Marc Bernstein says:

    I think the final pricing has been announced and it is right in the groove. The starting level is 36 or so a year and more advanced about 60 a year. A professional level for 20 collaborators is based like a business product should be.

    Honestly, its a fair price for something as flexible as Toodledo.

  3. James F. Antaki, PhD says:

    I appreciate your reassurance, Michael.
    But I personally am very apprehensive. This is actually something I had been fearing.
    Toodledo was an outstanding product right from the start. And with each incremental upgrade, new feature, re-arrangement of menus, there was a risk of making it unwieldy, awkward and frustrating… like SO many other platforms… Basecamp for example, used to be my favorite project managment software until the completely remodeled it into a completely different product. But I can think of so many other examples… like Skype, MS Office, various CAD products I use… and more.
    What I loved about Toodledo is that it was designed “as if” I had designed it myself. “As if” the owners/designers actually used it themselves… and actually understood the workflow and needs of a busy person with an unmanageable to do list. The odds of someone new stepping in to take over leadership, and having the same creative vision…. are very low IMHO. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope you are right. (You usually are.)

  4. Jim Rasmussen says:

    Hi Michael,

    It appears that the new owners of Toodledo have moved on. It also appears the end may be near for this app. As an owner of your books and a current paid subscriber to Toodledo I am actively looking for an alternative. Will you be doing a blog update on other software you like in the near future?

  5. Mick says:

    RIP Toodledo 🙏

    Anyone have a list of alternatives that works well with the MYN system?

    PS: @Marc, 1 million Toodledo users. Where did you see that figure from?

  6. Rob says:

    Agree. Toodledo is looking very sketching right now. Still working for me, but I dont trust it anymore with no contact from anyone and hundreds of unresponded support tickets in the queue.

    Desperately looking for a compatible alternative.

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