Help, My To-Do List it Way Too Long!!!!

I just read an interesting and entertaining article about how all to-do lists tend to get too long after only a few weeks or months of use, and then we give up on them. It’s a funny and informative article, and it describes the problem well. However, I definitely don’t agree with the author’s solution (Sticky Notes—Really?). As a 1MTD or MYN user, you already have the solution.

But in any case, here’s the link to the article: Perhaps the problem statement in that article resonates and inspires you to take action (just don’t get serious about his fix).

You Already Have the Fix to an Overloaded To-Do List

You know, the thing is, both my 1MTD and MYN to-do list systems solutions are designed from the ground-up to solve that overloaded-list problem. In both 1MTD and MYN, the use of Urgency Zones and size-limits in each zone are phenomenal solutions to the typically overloaded to-do list. And the use of start dates in MYN takes it to the next level (if unsure about which system to use, be sure to see my recent article about the difference between 1MTD and MYN).

A Derailed System?

Now, even the best plans can get derailed, and even though you are using one of my systems, I bet many of you have more than 5 high priority items and more than 20 normal or medium priority items.

A quick way to see that is, if you are using Windows Outlook, simply check the number next to the priority label in the To-Do Bar, as shown in the figure below—the list below is overloaded.

If yours is like that, or worse, I bet you are starting to suck wind a bit every time you review your list. Maybe some important things are even dropping through the cracks?

How to Fix

If you are a 1MTD or MYN user, and this sounds like you, then read my short articles at the two links below, both are about cleaning up a 1MTD or MYN list. One beauty of the 1MTD and MYN systems is that they are very easy to clean up in a quick sitting. The steps are much faster than you think, and the relief is palpable once you do it.

If it’s time for you to take back control, then follow the links to one or both of my cleanup articles:

How to know when 1MTD or MYN is Bogging Down

Reviving your Neglected Outlook To-Do List

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