Competing Task Systems: 1MTD vs. MYN (and extending 1MTD)

You probably know that I created and teach two task (to-do list) management systems: the One Minute To-Do list (1MTD) and Master Your Now (MYN).

The first, 1MTD, is a great starter system, and it’s “good enough” for many people to get control of work. It’s the topic of my book by the same name.

But MYN handles a lot more tasks. You see, 1MTD normally gives out after you have more than about 100 total saved tasks. And that’s normally when I recommend moving to MYN.

But you can extend 1MTD, perhaps double its capacity, without moving to MYN, by using the lessons in the 1MTD Video Course (see Videos 9 and 10). Or by using the corresponding videos in the Outlook Inbox Ninja Tasks videos (Lessons 4.9 and 4.10). So definitely consider that if you aren’t ready to move up to MYN.

But really, MYN is by far the more sophisticated and useful system of the two, and that’s primarily because of its very powerful use of the Start Date field on tasks. It also takes a bit more study to learn.

What is it about using the Start Date field that is so key?

Two things: the ability to schedule tasks to the future (thus hiding them from your list till then). And the ability to automatically sort tasks with older start dates lower in your list
(usually tasks like that lack energy).

The start date scheduling feature is especially useful because it gives you a way to make a time commitment on tasks without declaring a false due date. You see, fake or false deadlines will absolutely kill a to-do list system since the fake deadlines lead to a “cry wolf” phenomenon and they water down real deadlines—soon you lose faith in all due dates you set on tasks. Using the start date on all tasks in a strategic way solves that, and the creative way MYN does that is nothing short of brilliant (if I may say so myself!).

There are many other things in MYN that go well beyond 1MTD. You can learn more about the differences and see next-step study actions at this link.

And please leave in comments (reply) your thoughts if you have upgraded from 1MTD to MYN, and how it worked out for you. I’d like to hear!


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