More Evidence that Microsoft is Reviving OneNote 2016

In a previous article, I mentioned that Microsoft had announced it is extending support for OneNote 2016, which was great news.

Now this: Microsoft is actually adding features again to OneNote 2016, which is really good news. That was announced in this online article a few months back:

OneNote 2016 gets dark mode

Maybe Microsoft will finally add a big block of features and rename this OneNote 2019, to show that it is even-steven with the other current shrink-wrapped Office set with the 2019 designation. Let’s hope so.


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One Response to More Evidence that Microsoft is Reviving OneNote 2016

  1. Thank goodness for this!!!

    I upgraded from a Surface Pro 5 to Surface Pro 7 this week and was perplexed by the limitations of OneNote. It took me a while to figure out that I was running on “Outlook for Windows 10” which looks and feels very different than the Onenote 2016. Once I downloaded OneNote 2016 I was delighted to have things back the way I’m used to.
    I read that MS was going to go to just ONE version of OneNote because they didn’t want to continue developing both. I hope that they stick with the GOOD version that comes with Office

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