OneNote 2016 Support Expanded

Microsoft just made this very good announcement a few days ago (November 4):

“In 2018, we announced that Microsoft would end mainstream support for OneNote 2016 in October 2020. That is no longer the case. Although OneNote 2016 is not available on the Office install pages today, it is coming back.”

“Beginning March 10th, 2020, new installations of Office suite products will include OneNote 2016 by default.”

“In addition,, SCCM, and Intune will display OneNote 2016 as being included with Office by default.”

From: MC194800, Plan For Change, Published date: Nov 4, 2019

This announcement is important because OneNote 2016 is the only version of OneNote fully integrated with desktop Outlook. It’s also got a ton of important other features not present in the newer Windows Store (UWP) versions of OneNote.

I wrote about those concerns in this article from a year ago.

Plus, OneNote 2016 is the primary software in my One Minute Project Management Video Course, so this is good news for that reason too.

So I am glad to see Microsoft come to their senses on this. My hope is that they will also continue to develop it, perhaps releasing a OneNote 2019.

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2 Responses to OneNote 2016 Support Expanded

  1. Michael Ball says:

    I guess I’m glad for you, but for me, it’s too late. An avid Microsoft supporter and OneNote user for years, I finally got too frustrated by OneNote 2016’s retirement (not to mention the STILL really poor implementation of tagging) and switched to Evernote. I really miss OneNote greater functionality and far less buggy experience, but this back and forth on OneNote makes me even LESS confidant in Microsoft’s future for OneNote.

  2. Hwa Heng says:

    OneNote will be used because it comes free with Office. Some companies do not allow employees to install personal software, so it is the only authorised option for some office workers. But in terms of technology, it does not compare with applications like Evernote or Notion.

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