Free Video Added to Outlook Inbox Ninja Course

We’ve just added another free video to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course. It’s Video 3.8 Outlook’s New Search Box. It gives details of the significant changes Microsoft has made to the Outlook Search functionality in its latest Office 365 subscription monthly release.

To see that video, go here, and then scroll down to Video 3.8 where you can watch it free.

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2 Responses to Free Video Added to Outlook Inbox Ninja Course

  1. Net result: A crippling loss of functionality. What was lost? Any way to easily see what email account or folder I’m in. That used to be on the top or the window. Now it has completely disappeared. The only way to see “where I am” is the highlighted folder name in the left-hand panel. I have 5 email accounts that I must monitor. Within each account I have tens to dozens of folders. When expanded (my normal configuration) the left hand list can take many seconds to scroll through.
    Expected result: massive loss of time, situational awareness and sending emails to people and organizations with an inappropriate email account address.
    If you have any influence over their thinking, please urge MS to restore visibility of account/folder name. And give us the ability to just roll back the whole change until this is corrected.

  2. Joe says:

    Agree with all the comments. What genius came up with this. I sense someone with a lot of time on their hands. Change for the sake of change….brilliant.

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