New Videos: Microsoft To-Do Quick Start, and Sale on Course

I have finally finished the Quick Start video I promised and you can watch it free by clicking the image below. It’s about Microsoft’s flagship To-Do software that is replacing tasks nearly everywhere in the Microsoft Office app suite.

New Video Course On Sale

And I am also very excited to announce release of my latest video course: Using Microsoft To-Do with the One Minute To-do List. This is an 18-video set that teaches you all you need for getting to know Microsoft’s latest Office product to manage to-dos and tasks. The Quick Start video is the first in that set, so again, click the image below. There are more free and paid videos at this link (

The paid videos are on sale for a week or so, as an introductory offer. So check out the course at

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5 Responses to New Videos: Microsoft To-Do Quick Start, and Sale on Course

  1. Jim says:

    Thank you Michael for producing this series. I have to admit I was a little skeptical that MS To-Do could be set up quite so effectively, but the money-back guarantee made it easy to give it a try.

    As it turns out, your materials are just awesome and solve a lot of problems. To others reading this, if you’re on the fence about ordering this series, just do it — it was WELL worth the money. I will NOT be asking for a single cent back!

  2. Lenny says:

    Liked the MS TO-DO videos; One thought on Over-the-Horizon marker task, if the defer-to-do and Defer-review are overkill for the size of your list, what do you think about combining them into an Over-The-Horizon list?

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      You mean a single and separate custom list? And put defer to do items in there? Could work, but if you check it once a week will you miss some deadlines? To avoid that, I’d do it this way: Only put defer to do items in there that are due beyond 10 days (with a due date on them and sort the list by due date). Anything due inside 10 days put on your main Tasks list (again, with a deadline). Hope that helps.

  3. Christian Schäfer says:

    Hi Michael,

    thank you for the To-Do videos. I was hesitant to buy them first but since I use your extended 1MTD system since years I gave it a try. I am not disappointed but rather surprised how much useful information you could give on using the To-Do apps.

    The company I work for is using the whole Office 365 suite and blocking 3rd-party apps. This means I had no mobile access to my tasks. Therefore I considered to switching to To-Do since quite some time, but was put off by it’s simplicity.

    With your videos I could see how to make effective use of the system .You giv alle the information that is required to migrate from 1MTD with Desktop Outlook into To-Do easily.

    I cleaned out all completed tasks in Desktop Outlook before the migration so that I had only my active tasks in To-Do.
    There is one recommendation that I miss: What is the best way to clean out completed tasks? With Outlook I do this once or twice a year and I am always surprised how many tasks are completed. With To-Do I could only see using Desktop Outlook again to clean up unless Microsoft introduces more smart lists like “completed tasks”.

    One thing I expect to be useful: To-Do recognizes hashtags in the task title. So I use things like #due, #learn or #wfa (waiting for answer/action). By clicking on this hashtag To-Do switches into search mode and shows all tasks with this tag. In Desktop Outlook I used categories for this, but in To-Do I think the hashtags will fit the purpose.

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Thanks Christian, for your great comment. I will try the hashtag thing out right away. As to deleting completed tasks, here is how:
      1) make sure you are using a To-Do platform that makes multiselect easy
      2) in the Tasks list, show completed tasks
      3) then Sort by Completed
      4) the multi-select all the completed items at the bottom of the list, then right click on and delete them all.
      5) then remove sorting and hide completed tasks again.
      A few steps but not bad if you only do it twice a year. I may add another video later that shows this and hashtags. Thanks again!

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