Quick Poll: Would You Like a Mac Version of the MYN-Outlook Video Training?

Microsoft has been improving Outlook Mac lately, so I am thinking about creating a Mac version of my MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training.

But my Question is this: Is a Mac Version of the Video Training something you would be interested in? 

I don’t want to spend the effort to create all these custom videos if there is little demand, so let me know what you think—reply in the comments section of this post, or, if reading this in my email newsletter, by replying to the email. Thanks!

Why not Here Before

As you may know, my current MYN Outlook video training is for Windows Outlook only. That’s because I previously was not a huge fan of the Mac Outlook tasks module—it lacked so many important features that it was almost unusable for MYN.

But I am changing my mind due to an improved status for Mac for Outlook.

Mac Improvements

The first improvement is that Microsoft recently added the ability to drag-drop emails into tasks in Outlook Mac, and that’s huge! Now it is super easy to move action requests in emails into tasks.

Second, while there is still no To-Do Bar, and the Tasks folder still does not format right for MYN, there is some good news: There are now 3rd-party desktop task apps on the Mac that can be configured for MYN, and so you can create the equivalent of the Windows Outlook To-Do Bar with tasks—one that floats next to your Outlook email window. (I am referring to the Mac desktop app Good Tasks 3, which I will write up shortly).

And finally, I am seeing more and more companies that are assigning Macs to their staff. It’s becoming even more common in the workplace.

But my concern is this: is there enough market demand for such a course? Would you be interested?

What would Be in the Course

Such a course would have the same goals and contain mostly the same lessons as the Windows Outlook version of the course—simply showing how to do it on Outlook for Mac instead (there are a ton of differences). The price would be about the same as the Windows version, but there would a be steep discount for someone who already owned the Windows version of the course.

So, please reply to this posting in the comments section, or reply to the email, and let me know if you need this!


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14 Responses to Quick Poll: Would You Like a Mac Version of the MYN-Outlook Video Training?

  1. Stephan Scott says:

    Yes yes yes.

  2. Vincent Gallagher says:


  3. James Laughton says:

    Definitely yes.

  4. Pedro M says:

    Yes !

  5. Richard Polak says:

    Yes. I’d be interested.

  6. David C BUTLER says:


  7. Dean Edwards says:

    Yes, please.

  8. Karl says:

    Yes please Michael.

    And I am really looking forward to your blog post on configuring Good Tasks 3 for MYN.

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