Another Good New Feature in Latest Windows Outlook

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the new versions of Windows of Outlook that are rolling out to the monthly Office Insiders group in Microsoft Office 365 are pretty darn good. You might have to activate the Coming Soon switch to see them, but the things I’ve mentioned so far that I really like are:

  • The Simplified Ribbon option (Excellent!)
  • Slightly more space between messages in the Inbox (Nice)
  • And slightly more vertical space between tasks in the To-Do Bar task list (Very Nice)

Whoever in Microsoft is managing these new changes, I’d like to take you out to lunch! Unlike changes in years past, each and every one of these changes, I feel, makes desktop Outlook a better product without limiting previous features. Bravo!

One of the new features rolling out in recent Insider Coming Soon versions of Outlook is one I’d like to highlight now. It is this: Flagged mail now gets a yellow highlight.

Here is what I am talking about. Look at the image below. Notice the 4th item down (I added a red box to show it better). See how it is light-yellow in color? That is because the flag is set at its right edge.

And that’s the new feature. In the latest copies of Insider Outlook, when you set a flag on an email, the entire email turns yellow in the List view.

It’s funny, because about six months ago (before this change) I had made note to myself that it was too bad flagged mail did not stand out more. The red flag to the right was often overlooked as I moved quickly through my mail list. Now those items stand out much better. Seriously, it is almost as if Microsoft read my mind with this new feature.

Proper Use of the Flag

As a review, for my 1MTD and MYN users, I recommend you use that flag sparingly. My recommendation for flags is this: only use the flag for deferred replies—for emails you intend to reply to but can’t right now. Mark them with a flag, and don’t use the flag for anything else. And try to reply to all emails marked this way by the end of the day, and remove the flag after you reply. That’s my recommendation.

And now, Microsoft has made it easier to see these items. Thank you!


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