Option to Turn Off Flagged Mail Highlighting Added

In an Office 365 update I recently got, Microsoft has added in the Outlook Options, Mail tab, a way to turn off the Flagged Mail Highlighting feature that they added to Windows Outlook about 6 months ago. Just scroll to the very bottom of that tab.

When I originally announced that Flagged Mail Highlighting feature in my blog back then, I got more replies to that blog than almost any other I’ve ever written—all of them negative and wanting to know how to turn it off.

At that time there was no way to turn it off, but now there is.

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3 Responses to Option to Turn Off Flagged Mail Highlighting Added

  1. Shelley says:

    I have unchecked that box which says “Highlight flagged items in the message list,” rebooted Outlook, and rebooted my computer. Flagging a new email still highlights it yellow, and all older flagged emails are still highlighted yellow. No change! What is the problem and the solution?

  2. Scott says:

    I had that option – and actually like the contrast it provides when reviewing flagged emails for followup. But my laptop was upgraded to Windows 10 today and now I don’t have the option turn on or off the highlighting. I’m using Office 365 ProPlus, so I would assume it would have the option available… Any ideas?

  3. b0b555 says:

    That option just doesn’t effen work. FFS.

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