Should Voicemail be Eliminated?

Oct 9 2015

I much prefer that my business contacts e-mail me rather than leave a voicemail. That way I can scan their messages more quickly. In fact, if I call someone and get their voicemail, I rarely leave one; I usually jump into e-mail and send them a message.

I am not alone. According to this article, some companies are even turning off voicemail. The article goes on to list reasons not to use it.

Now, all that said, I do approve of Unified voicemail, where the voicemail at least goes into your e-mail Inbox as a recorded attachment. That way once I listen and get a gist of the request, I can convert it to a task in my 1MTD or MYN system and prioritize my action on it, and easily re-listen later when I need to take action.

And I feel there are times it is just quicker to use a voicemail to describe some complex issues, and to express my tone of voice better.

What do you think? Let me know in comments.



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1 Response to Should Voicemail be Eliminated?

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Michael
    I think you have answered you own question. Voicemail is useful so long as it is used correctly and preferably if it has a link so the voicemail appears in your email. So I believe it should stay but conditionally.
    Regards from sunny Canberra, Australia

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