Download link for brand new 1MTD 2nd Edition, PDF copy (free)

May 4, 2017

As I promised last week, here is the download link for my brand new second edition of The One Minute To-Do List (1MTD) book, PDF copy. As usual, this is a free download; so help yourself. This new second edition was just released, and it will help you get your tasks and work life under control, even better than the last edition. The new edition is just as quick to study, and includes more Outlook material and many updates.

Here is all that’s new in this Second Edition:

  • The biggest addition is that I’ve added Outlook to the later chapter on getting started with MYN (Chapter 9). In the previous edition I limited that chapter to Toodledo because Outlook was too complicated to configure for MYN quickly. But I’ve now added Outlook support, primarily because of the new availability of the MYN Views software, which makes adding the MYN To-Do Bar settings to Outlook a breeze. And the latest TaskTask iOS app now has a quick config button to set it up for MYN.
  • That means the book is now a great MYN introduction for all software users. But of course it’s still a great guide for the simpler 1MTD system.
  • I’ve updated the mobile chapter (Chapter 8) to incorporate my latest recommended apps, and I’ve now added Outlook apps to that chapter.
  • Free videos are now hosted and linked on the complete video course pages for Outlook and Toodledo (no longer on a separate Extras page).
  • Lots of other little changes. The entire book has been updated to reflect newest software versions and my latest thinking on the 1MTD methodology. Perhaps 20 percent new material.

Also note, the $89 paid video class version of this book is not being updated for the second edition book materials, and it won’t be promoted anymore. It wasn’t selling very well and so I guess it did not offer the value we hoped it would. The complete MYN video courses for Outlook and Toodledo (the second is for non-Outlook users) are of course still on sale, and both were recently updated.

So take a look at the new second edition 1MTD book! Download the free PDF, or purchase the paper or Kindle or Nook or iBook editions which are now also available.


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