Formatting Inbox to Hightlight Important Mail (Video)

May 14, 2014

As we struggle to get control of our inboxes, wouldn’t it be nice if mail that were more important to us stood out more in the mail list, and mail less important were perhaps grayed out? There are ways to do that in the Windows Outlook desktop application, and this video I just made will give you some ideas.

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3 Responses to Formatting Inbox to Hightlight Important Mail (Video)

  1. Alan Goldberg says:

    Thank Michael this is a great tweak of the in box.

  2. rob says:

    I can’t see the video due to our corporate firewall blocking the content – is there something in writing I can review?

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Rob, sorry, no writing on this, the message and steps really are very visually intensive. Maybe watch it at home? Or in the office, borrow for a few minutes a friend’s iPad with a cellular connection? just some thoughts.

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