Kindle Edition Released, Only $2.99 for Previous Amazon Book Buyers

April 29, 2014

The Kindle edition of Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, 4th Ed. just went live today (finally!). We learned a lot of lessons on this in terms of speed to market, but are proud of the book results.

Matchbook $2.99 Pricing

And we put it through with Amazon matchbook pricing which means if you bought the paperback 4th edition of the book first on Amazon (months ago, or even a few seconds ago), the Kindle edition will cost you only $2.99. Just make sure you sign in on the same account you bought the paperback with, and the $2.99 pricing will show up on the book page automatically. [Update: the Matchbook pricing only works on the United States Amazon site.]

The reason I asked for matchbook pricing is that I personally feel that everyone should have a paper version of this book in addition to any other electronic version; I know I prefer paper reference books when thumbing through and looking for things, so I’d usually get both. But that’s just me. This pricing helps accomplish that.

Nice Formatting and Fully Linked

One reason this took so long to release is I insisted on using a special process that retains all links and better formatting than most Kindle books. First, the linking: it’s fully linked throughout.

  • Every time there is a line that says “see this section in Lesson 8” or “read this note in Lesson 5” there is a link that takes you there.
  • The index is fully linked, so no scrolling to find items.

Also, the formatting is excellent and based on the original book.

Color Images

One good and bad feature: the figures are all in color and look great on a color device. But they do not look very good on a monochrome Kindle. There is no way to load two files into Amazon, one that gets chosen for each device, so we opted to optimize the images for the most used choice, which is color. So my apologies to Kindle users without color. If you do not have a color Kindle device, it’s probably best to load this one in the free Kindle application on a PC, Mac, or tablet, where color is shown.

The Apple iBook and Nook files are not out yet, still working on those; we’ll give you an update. Of course, if you are running a Kindle application on an Apple iPad or iPhone, you can view this Kindle file.

Well, I am glad this is finally done, go grab a copy!

Michael Linenberger

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8 Responses to Kindle Edition Released, Only $2.99 for Previous Amazon Book Buyers

  1. Jon says:

    Hi Michael,

    Bought, devoured, and implemented your book. Thank you for the extra time spent on formatting for the Kindle. It made it so easy to read.

    I made two tweaks to your methodology and curious to know what you think and if you had tried either of these yourself.

    1) Group by priority, sort by start date (as you have it) then sort by modified (but do not show the modified field in the list). This allows me to do some action on a task and then move it to the bottom of the start date group in the correct priority section automatically. In my view, this helps keep things FRESH 🙂

    2) I add projects to the list with a P: prefix and then add a filter not to show those tasks in the to-do bar. This gets me something similar (I think) to your master task list but without the extra sorting work.

    Many thanks again for your great work.

    • Rob says:

      The matchbook pricing is not showing on Amazon yet. I interacted with their customer support about it, and they told me that matchbook pricing wasn’t implemented yet for this title, and that when it was there would be a little icon showing under the picture of the cover.

      • Michael Linenberger says:

        Pricing is definitely there on Amazon. Are you sure you logged in with the same account you bought the paperback book with?
        matchbook pricing

      • Rob says:

        It may be because I bought the book on my Canadian Amazon account. I’m not sure how Amazon handles these things. I did call US customer support and they told me that the book wasn’t bookmarked, yet you clearly show that it is. In any case, I went ahead and paid full price for the Kindle edition as I wanted to have it for traveling. I appreciate that you set this up.

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      I like both your ideas. And glad the Kindle was worth the wait!

  2. Markus says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m from Germany and have just bought your paper book from On there is no discount or matchbook pricing for the kindleversion. Should there be a discount or are there plans for a matchbook pricing on

    By the way, I’ve already read the third edition and like it very much. Thanks a lot for saving time and a lot of interesting tips on outlook. At present I’m reading Master your workday now and it’s also great.


    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Markus, same happened to a Canadian, so I have a query in to my distributor to see if it’s limited to USA. Will let you know. Michael

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