More points for Ultimate To-Do List Android task app

Nov 7, 2011

I’ve been playing with the Android Ultimate To-Do List (UTDL) task app some more and am really liking it (I wrote about it here last week).

One thing I just noticed that makes it better than Pocket Informant Android (PIA) is that it recognizes the Top priority in tasks (a ToodleDo feature). PIA does not.

In PIA’s favor, though, tasks set to a start date of today in PIA have a different color, where in Ultimate To-Do List they do not (that different color is useful to identify new tasks that just pop in, and useful if you use the optional Target Now urgency zone designation in MYN).

Overall I am liking the cleaner look and feel of the UTDL. But like that PIA has a powerful calendar.

So it’s a toss up on which to use—I leave it to you.


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9 Responses to More points for Ultimate To-Do List Android task app

  1. DeWayne says:

    I have been using Ultimate To-Do List for several months and really like it. After just discovering MYN, I am modifying my Toodledo and UTL configurations as you recommend. I also use Task Angel, which you made some comments about last year. I think you will find that it now supports your sorting requirements. I know that it will be key to making modifications to my tasks as I convert to MYN, in part because as a desktop app it is extremely fast but also because it supports multi-task (group/batch) editing.

  2. claudio says:

    Could you please expand a little bit more why Task Angel could be useful if you already use UTL and Toodledo?


  3. claudio says:

    …therefore I moved today from toodledo – UTL gtd to your approach, because I think it is more smart. He looks to me like a smarter way to approach. However it’d great a forum where we’d share our experience, our tips and tricks. I didn’t find nothing about. Do you have any advise about?

  4. admin says:

    Task Angel is a PC app and there are times, when working on our PC, say on an airplane, that we want to see our tasks on “the big screen” and ToodleDo web is not available. But if you have UTL on android you are pretty much there.
    By the way, Task Angel is not quite there for MYN, cannot yet hide tasks with future start dates, but I hear in the next version they can.

  5. admin says:

    Thanks DeWayne, due to your encouragement (I understand!), Task Angel just released an update yesterday that makes it fully MYN capable. We’ll write up some note on how to config it for MYN soon. But now we finally have a PC client that works with MYN and Toodledo.

  6. J William Mehn says:

    I have been using your MYN system for many years now basically on my notebook computer. I have not moved to mobile but now is the time. I am considering either an Android device or an iPhone. Which would be better to use your system? I would prefer and Android but whether or not it works well with you system is the basic decision breaker. Thanks for your help. JWM

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      JWM: I am assuming you are using Outlook with Exchange? If so, in a way, Android is the better solution due to the existence of the Touchdown app. Like many apps I list at my SOFTWARE page,
      Touchdown allows you to format tasks for MYN. But it’s the only app that allows you to convert emails to tasks and supply the tasks app to receive it. Of course, to take advantage of that you need to use the mail app built into Touchdown too. But it’s pretty good.
      On iPhone there is eMailGanizer, which converts e-mails into tasks, but you then need to switch to another app to see the tasks (TaskTask is what I recommend.)
      If not using Outlook with Exchange, then Toodledo is your choice and it works equally well on iPhone and Android.

      • J William Mehn says:

        Thank you Michael for taking the time to answer my questions. I realize you are very busy. I do not use exchange so I will read up on your posts and writings about Tootledo and make a stab at it.
        Dr. John

  7. Candela Flórez says:

    Guys, recently I am using an android project management app “Plancentral” , which is awesome to handle and manage your projects from anywhere. Its so easy and friendly. You can assign task, chat and save your files in one place. You can find it here

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