New Toodledo Features

July 29, 2013

As you may know, Toodledo is the tasks software I recommend you use if you cannot use Windows Outlook. Well, Toodledo has rolled out a ton of new features recently.

Multiple Files with same name in Toodledo

One improvement that may seem minor is actually pretty important: you can now save multiple files with the same file name in your account. This important for a bunch of reasons. One: those of you that have voice mails sent to your e-mail inbox, which you want to convert to tasks; often the attached file has the same name across all messages. Before the newest would overwrite the older ones, but this now works.

Lots of other Toodledo file attachment related news here.

Toodledo Outlines

A new Outlines feature rolled out a number of weeks ago in the online version of Toodledo that allows you to create outlines in Toodledo. This is not a Task outlining feature, but a whole separate list tool with its own tab. See more here.

New iOS Apps

Make sure to update your iOS Toodledo apps because there were some new features released end-of-June time frame like a brighter UI look and improvements to notifications.


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2 Responses to New Toodledo Features

  1. Bill says:

    Unfortunately Toodledo still has no plans for a Windows version. I run open source software whenever possible, so I’m also trying to avoid Outlook. Any recommendations for an open source Windows task manager that would work reasonably well with your method? Thanks in advance.

  2. Michael Linenberger says:

    Bill, don’t know about open source, but Toodledo’s website has quite a few links to windows desktop applications that work with Toodledo.

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