New Video about MYN Views Outlook Add-In

Feb 28, 2017

I’ve just added a new video to the MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training. It’s about MYN Views and how to use it. And the video is free for both subscribers and non-subscribers. Just go to this link, and scroll down to Preview Video #29.

Why Use the MYN Views Add-In?

MYN Views is software that you add to Windows Outlook that installs all the MYN settings in your To-Do Bar.

  • This saves a lot of time compared to hand-entering the settings.
  • It also installs a Restore Views button that resets the MYN settings in your To-Do Bar, should they get altered or corrupted.
  • It also installs a button to toggle the appearance or hiding of flagged-mail tasks in your To-Do Bar.

So go watch the video to learn more. Again, scroll down to the free Preview Lesson 29. To purchase the MYN Views software, go to; it’s sold and supported by ClearContext Inc. and it’s about $15. I don’t make any money on your purchase of this software but I encourage it because it is so helpful for MYN users.


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2 Responses to New Video about MYN Views Outlook Add-In

  1. Laurie Grade says:

    Links in today’s blog are not functioning. Did I try to access them too soon?

  2. Michael Linenberger says:

    Ooops, sorry, just fixed it in the blog copy of the post.

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