A Rundown of Next-Gen Laptops

Jan 22, 2016

As I’ve warned, the Next Gen laptops (those running the new Intel Skylake processor) continue to evolve quickly with lots of new models coming out. Here are some more, starting with a new low cost Asus.

A few years ago I had a 13-inch Asus ZenBook, and I liked it a lot: it was remarkably thin and light for its time, and fairly powerful. Well, Asus has just released the SkyLake version of their budget ZenBook UX305, and it is at a pretty good price: $699 for 8GB and 256GB. But it lacks a few things, like keyboard back lighting, and these days other laptops are just as thin and light. But still, at its price it’s a contender, and I’ve long held that 13-inch is the sweet spot for a lightweight productivity laptop.

What’s the deal on a Skylake processor? The main advantage of this new (late 2015) processor is that its built-in graphics is ton better than previous built in graphic processors. Also, its low-voltage version runs at even lower energy levels than before, so you get longer battery life (or a thinner/lighter laptop with same battery life).

Here is a review of the Asus and comparison with other laptops, from PC World

And another list of 2016 laptops:



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3 Responses to A Rundown of Next-Gen Laptops

  1. Gina says:


    I so much appreciate all your reviews on laptops – so valuable to get your perspective.

    Do you use a laptop exclusively (no desktop system)?

    I’m asking because it’s time to finally get a new system (I’ve been running a desktop Dell XPS 420 for the past 8 years) and every time I am faced with having to buy a new PC I am tempted to buy just a laptop so that it takes up less space, is more versatile, etc. But I am always so hesitant to pull the trigger, in the back of my mind always feeling like a laptop will never be as powerful as a desktop version. I don’t need to run heavy graphics or anything – I am just so “used” to having a powerful system. I want to know I have power under the hood – dedicated graphics card, lots of ram, etc. Power is more of a priority for me than weight since I won’t be traveling a lot with it (wish I could have it both ways though).

    Was looking at the Dell XPS 15 pretty seriously, since Dells have always done right by me – my only issue was that some reviewers were talking about it overheating. Have you found that? Also, how do you hook it up to a full size monitor? Is it really easy? I want something that when I’m working from home I can quickly grab it and take it into the kitchen and then if I want to hook it back up to go back into my office I can do it 1-2-3.

    And one last question…out of the 2016 laptops…which one would you say is comparable or even better than the XPS 15? Just so I have another one to look at.

    Thanks again for all your thorough reviews.


  2. Gina says:

    Oh! Forgot to ask you another thing!

    Is the camera placed at the bottom, rather than at the top, of the screen, and how has that been when you have to use it?


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