Asking a Favor

Sep 20, 2017

I have a favor to ask of my regular readers. Someone left a nasty review for my Outlook book on Amazon, and for some reason it is sitting right at the top of the featured reviews list, in the most prominent position. It’s actually from a few years ago (a previous edition) and the person admits he didn’t even read more than 1/3 of the book, yet gave it only two stars and a terrible title and review. Nearly all other reviews are 5 stars, so this gives a skewed appearance to the book and leaves an inaccurate impression for new potential buyers.

The favor I am asking is for you to go to that book listing and mark the reviews below it as “helpful” (click the Yes button at the bottom of the other reviews). That should push them up in the list and push that review down. The amazon listing is here:

And even better is, after you do that, and if you’ve read the book, put a positive review on the Amazon site for the book. Amazon reviews are incredibly influential to potential buyers, so I appreciate your action on this.


Michael Linenberger

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  1. Alan Goldberg says:

    You have improved my efficiency and use of Outlook 1000% was a pleasure to have this opportunity to thank you in a meaningful way.

    You will find my review under AJGO

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