ClearContext 5.2 Is here, and It’s an Important Update for MYN

Dec 2, 2010

ClearContext Corp. just released Version 5.2 of its Outlook add-in software, and it includes some important new features for MYN. I’ll do a more thorough run through of this release in a later newsletter, but for now just note this. The Dashboard and Organizer panes in ClearContext now support MYN. For example they can now display tasks in the MYN To-Do list format, and controls that were due date oriented before now work with start dates. That, combined with all the other MYN features in the MYN ClearContext Special Edition, make this software an excellent addition for MYN Outlook users.

Look for more about this release in a future newsletter.

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2 Responses to ClearContext 5.2 Is here, and It’s an Important Update for MYN

  1. Brian Lerwick says:

    ClearContext has released version 7.0.3 recently. Has MYN ClearContext Special Edition that is available been updated to version 7?

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Hi Brian, yes, the ClearContext website should be delivering the latest version with their MYN edition. Let us know if that’s not what you experience. Michael.

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