High-End Bay Trail Tablet

Dec 14, 2013

An Important new Bay Trail tablet just became available in the US market. It’s the Fujitsu Q584. It’s now the second 10 to 11 inch Bay Trail model to appear for sale here, after the Asus Transformer Book T100.

It’s important to me because it brings all the advantages of Bay Trail, and adds a good digitizer pen. It also offers more storage and RAM than other offerings to date. On top of that, it has an incredibly high resolution screen, and the unit is ruggedized and even waterproof! All at 1.4 pounds and 11 hours of battery life.

However, this is probably too over engineered and too expensive for most of us (starts at $879 without the keyboard dock). It’s really pointed at the shop floor or medical market, where Fujitsu has maintained a high-end Tablet PC presence for years, long after the Tablet PC was dropped by other PC manufacturers.

In other words, if you are simply looking for a Bay Trail tablet with a good digital pen, I’d wait. You’ll probably soon get a much better price from Lenovo or Sony or some other manufacturer that has shown a dedication to supplying pens with some of their tablet models, and at more competitive prices.

Here’s a brief review:


And here is the Fujitsu website:



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