New ClearContext Subscription Model

Jan 21, 2017

ClearContext Corporation, the makers of MYN Views and ClearContext Outlook Add-In, have recently changed the licensing of the ClearContext Outlook Add-In to a subscription model, matching the trend of many other software sellers. It is now $79.95 per year or $8.95 per month. Some points on this:

  • This licensing plan only applies to the ClearContext add-in. The MYN Views add-in remains a one-time purchase of $15.00.
  • Existing users of ClearContext Pro users can continue to use their paid versions, but all future ClearContext software updates will only be released in the new subscription model.
  • If you want access to the MYN Special Edition of ClearContext, then, in the new subscription model, you’ll need to purchase the MYN Views software separately. After that, once you subscribe to ClearContext, it will recognize the existence of the MYN Views add-in and swap in the MYN Special Edition features.

For more information on the new ClearContext, go to

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2 Responses to New ClearContext Subscription Model

  1. Jim says:

    Having been a user of CC since v3.something, and having (had) a lifetime connect license, I was sad to see this happen, but promised to give it a shot.
    So, I’ve been using the subscription model for a while now, about 2 months I guess.. I can honestly say, I gave it a go, but I’m switching back to Pro and will ride it out until it no longer works.
    I don’t like having ‘updates’ forced on me, and there are, to me, key features now missing.
    AutoAssign and management being gone is a HUGE issue for me.
    Also gone is the support forum, where users can exchange info, now you have no idea how many others might be having the same problems.
    So, back I go to v7 Pro.
    Rest In Peace CCIM Pro, I for one will miss you.

  2. ClearContext says:

    We appreciate your giving the new product a chance Jim. We’re sad to hear that you will likely not continue with the future version and we thank you for your use and support of ClearContext in the past. The older Pro v7 product should continue to function for you indefinitely, but as Michael mentioned, development on that older product has ceased and it will eventually become unsupported.

    We did convey the following to you in a direct email, but just to clarify the status of AutoAssign to any other readers, the status of the deprecated AutoAssign is unchanged from the old Pro product. It is supported but hidden by default unless existing AutoAssign rules are present. We can help any user enable the feature if they need it.

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