New Mobile Apps Videos Added to MYN-Outlook Video Course

July 16, 2014

I previously had just one lesson on mobile apps in the MYN Outlook Complete Video Training (the paid course); it was Lesson 22. Well, we just divided that into 3 lessons and put new videos up for the iOS solution (new lesson 22b) and the Android solution (new lesson 22c).

Those two correspond to TaskTask and TouchDown, and both are updated showing the latest software versions of each. The new Lesson 22a is an introduction to the idea of going mobile with MYN.

If you already own that lesson set, you can login here.

Michael Linenberger

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3 Responses to New Mobile Apps Videos Added to MYN-Outlook Video Course

  1. Christina Harney says:

    Help. I have installed touchdown hd on my galaxy note 3. When I open an email, I do not see the button in top right corner with 3 stacked lines to tap and convert email to task.

    Thank you.

  2. Christina Harney says:

    Another question – does Touchdown have ability to assign tasks to others?

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