Next Public MYN-Outlook Webinar Scheduled: July 19-22, 2011

May 28, 2011

I am pleased to announce the the next MYN Outlook Webinar is now scheduled for Tues July 19 through Friday July 22, 2011. This consists of four 1.5 hr sessions that start at 1PM PST each day. This popular webinar series is only held three times a year, with a maximum of 15 students in each session, so sign up soon to be sure to get your spot.

In the webinar you will learn the entire Core MYN Outlook System.

More Information, and Registration

Taught by Michael Linenberger, the author of the #1 best-selling Outlook book, this live four part (1.5-hr each) hands-on webinar training teaches you the core of the MYN Outlook system—a system that emphasizes new and proven best practices of e-mail and task management that will for the first time get your workday under control.

This class assumes no prior knowledge of Michael’s Outlook system, rather it starts from scratch.

Here’s what you get:

  • A live 4-day (1.5 hr. each), webinar by Michael Linenberger, teaching all core segments of the system.
  • Hands on; you have Outlook running and will follow along.
  • Step-by-step Outlook configurations installed in class.
  • Hands on exercises practicing all core components.
  • Small class, 15 students max.
  • Generous time after end of hour for questions and answers with the author.
  • You leave the class proficient at the system.
  • Designed for Windows Outlook 2003 and 2007/10 (no Mac Outlook coverage, sorry).
  • A copy of the book will be sent to all participants after their paid registration (ships within 4 business days).

No extra software assumed or required, just a web browser on your computer, and simultaneous access to a full copy of Outlook 2003 of 2007/10 to do exercises during the webinar.
(Optional ClearContext software is not covered).

More Information, and Registration

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