Office for iPad Reportedly Coming

Feb 18, 2014

We’ve been waiting sometime for the App versions of Office to show up. The versions for Windows tablets were code named Gemini and originally rumored for last fall. And there were rumors that an iPad version would follow. Obviously the fall release did not happen. Now it looks like they may arrive first on the iPad, sometime before June, (so, sooner than the Windows versions).

No matter what the platform, the idea is that these would be full touch-controlled apps, with nearly the power of the desktop applications. In other words, much better than the current online versions of Office, which often feel stunted. A year ago I was describing the need for apps like this, stating that the OneNote touch app for Windows tablets was a taste of things to come, and I still feel they are needed for the rest of the Office suite. Good to see they are on their way!

And it will be interesting to see what they do with Outlook. We need an Outlook that is touch-friendly, but that also has the power needed for MYN (assign and group mail by category, convert emails to tasks, and a task view that can do MYN sorting).

Michael Linenberger

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