Quick Note on Gmail iOS: “Add to Tasks” Command just Added

Yesterday I happened to notice that in the most recent version of the iOS Gmail app, Google has added the Add to Tasks menu item, allowing you to move an email into Google Tasks. This was absolutely needed and I am delighted to see it!

I am nearly done creating my new Google Tasks and 1MTD video course, so that feature addition was a nice project-wrap present to me, and to all of you, too, if you use Gmail and Google Tasks on an iPhone or iPad.

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4 Responses to Quick Note on Gmail iOS: “Add to Tasks” Command just Added

  1. Hello Michael, the outlook app for iOS also added the option add to task from within an email

  2. Henry Larry says:

    Great to hear about the new Add to Tasks feature on Gmail iOS. Itll be a game changer for my productivity. Looking forward to exploring it in your upcoming video course.
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  3. hungry shark says:

    I didn’t know about such a feature until I read this article, it was really great for me to know this, I can use it now.

  4. Jeffry says:

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