Skipping Vacation Does Not Get you Ahead at Work

Aug 18, 2015

Did you skip vacation this summer? Perhaps you should make an effort to slide it in this fall before you lose your time. Why? It’s good for your career, per this quote from an article in the New York Times today:

Whether people take a vacation at all says a bit about career success, but the relationship is the opposite from what one might imagine. According to a study by Project: Time Off, a research-driven initiative from the U.S. Travel Association, American workers in 2013 forfeited 169 million days of paid time off, worth $52.4 billion. What was the career benefit? Negative, according to the study.

Those who left between 11 and 15 days unused were 6.5 percent less likely to receive a raise or bonus than those who used all their vacation days. We don’t know if this is because the vacation-less employees were overstressed, or because incompetent employees who couldn’t get their work done skipped vacation. But this does indicate that vacation takers are not paying a career price.

So rethink your noble plans to work right through vacation periods. Instead, take those hours you have earned, you deserve it!


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3 Responses to Skipping Vacation Does Not Get you Ahead at Work

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