Touchdown App Being Phased Out by Symantec

July 16, 2017

The Android and iPhone app Touchdown has been officially sunsetted by Symantec. More information here:

Years ago I highly encouraged Android users to get the Touchdown app to manage MYN tasks when mobile. About a year ago I switched my recommendation to Nine for Android.  Why the switch? The Symantec Touchdown management seemed a bit flaky about their new Android Touchdown version that was in testing for over a year. Feature support was unclear. Release timetable completely unclear. So I steered folks to Nine which had all the needed features for MYN users and a strong support team.

Also, two years ago Touchdown came out with an iOS version, and it was an option for iPhone MYN users for email (handled categories and converted emails to tasks), but the task module was not quite right. I have always recommended TaskTask for iOS tasks instead, and still do. You might combine that with Preside for email (has categories–tags–and converts emails to tasks).

Too bad about Touchdown. The decline started when Symantec bought them out several years ago. They slowly transferred the entire original developer team onto other projects, and the passion for the product seemed to wane. Goes to show that sometimes the best app developers are the small companies who can be nimble and responsive.


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