Videos Updated for Pocket Informant Android 3

June 8, 2014

We just updated our instructional video for Pocket Informant Android to cover its newer version 3. That video was presented in three different training sets, and all locations have been updated:

  1. On the free “Extras” page that is referenced by the One Minute To-Do List book; it’s video #6.
  2. On the paid One Minute To-Do list video class (Lesson 8B).
  3. And on the paid MYN Toodledo Video Course (Video 22B).

You may wonder, why might you want to use Pocket Informant—what does it offer compared to the other 1MTD/MYN suitable Android apps (like the new one from the Toodledo makers themselves, and the one called Ultimate To-Do List)? Well, the advantage of Pocket Informant is that it has a highly functional calendar and contacts tool built in as well, so you get a lot more in the app than just tasks. So if you need that, take a look.

Michael Linenberger

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2 Responses to Videos Updated for Pocket Informant Android 3

  1. Melissa Pritchard says:

    Nice article, but i already seen it there

  2. Henry Larry says:

    Just checked out the updated videos for Pocket Informant Android 3. The added functionality with calendar and contacts sounds promising. Excited to explore and see how it compares to other productivity apps.
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