Newer PDF copy of Outlook Book Ed. 5 posted

Dec 8, 2017

I just posted a newer PDF version of Edition 5 of Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook on the book sale site and the MYN Outlook 365 Video site. There are 15 to 20 text updates reflecting changes in Outlook 2016 and some book error fixes.

Readers who already purchased Ed 5 of the PDF book directly from the book web page might want to re-download this latest copy (no charge). To do so, go here, log in, and download the PDF file. It’s now the latest.

If you’ve never bought the PDF book, go to this page to buy it and download it. Those owning previous PDFs or other editions of this book, here is the upgrade information.

Readers who downloaded the book from the video delivery page of the paid MYN Outlook 365 Complete Video Training can go here, log in to the video course, and click on the 5th Ed. book image on the right side of that page. That will download the latest PDF file.

The filename of the latest PDF file is: TotalWorkdayControl-OutlookBook-Ed5.4.pdf


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9 Responses to Newer PDF copy of Outlook Book Ed. 5 posted

  1. Mark Golden says:

    I am a whole edition behind for this valuable book and need to rectify that.

    Is the Kindle edition of the book also updated, or do I need to purchase the PDF (and import into Kindle) to get the latest revisions, and access to any future updates? (That works, of course, but is slightly more functional in the eBook version.)


  2. Michael Linenberger says:

    Hi Mark, sorry, but it’s very hard to update Kindle. We’ve decided to only update it when the print book gets a new edition. So the PDF is the only way to keep your current edition updated with periodic changes. Regards, Michael

  3. Mark Golden says:

    I suspected that might be the case. Thanks. I will order the PDF.

  4. I originally bought 4th ed on Kindle then later decided I’d rather have in print (old school easier reference) when I bought 5th ed. Is there a provision to get updates to (current) 5th Ed (if purchased on something other than PDF)? Maybe customers can register purchase on your site in order for you to track.

  5. Hannah Carbone says:

    Can you post a list of the updates/corrections so we can see what has changed?

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      If you go through my blog and note my articles about recent Outlook 2016 changes, that’s pretty much it, captured those in the book. And a bunch of small text errors. Michael

  6. Jim says:

    Just downloaded the 5th v4 PDF. Compared the original 5th PDF, the images and screen captures are significantly degraded, as indicated by the much smaller file size.

    Was this on purpose? Can we get a v4 with quality images?

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Thanks Jim for catching that. No, that was a goof due to different default settings in a newer version of the software we use to produce PDFs. We just corrected it and uploaded a new file, so go download it again. New filename Edition version is 5.4.1. We will announce via blog and next newsletter. Thanks again. Michael.

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