Software Update: MYN Views release 1.1

July 1, 2016

The software I announced last month from ClearContext, called MYN Views, has just been updated with two fairly major feature additions.

As you may recall, MYN Views is an Outlook add-in that inserts the MYN To-Do Bar settings into Outlook, which saves a lot of time over inserting those manually. It also adds optional MYN views to the Tasks folder. And it inserts a new Ribbon tab called MYN Views that provide some view controls.

New Features in Release 1.1

Here’s what’s new in 1.1. First, a new command has been added to the MYN Views tab called Show Flagged Items in To-Do. You’ll see it in the image above, and it does what it says: inserts flagged items (primarily emails) in the To-Do Bar. By default, these are filtered out in MYN Views, so this gives you a choice. Note, you have to restart Outlook after clicking the button for this to take effect, and you can toggle this back and forth.

Second, the optional MYN Tasks folder views are now installed in all tasks folders, including the To-Do List view. Previously they only installed in the default Tasks folder.

ClearContext says this new release is free for all current MYN Views owners.

To Update to 1.1 do this:

  1. Use the same download link received in your original MYN Views receipt; that now downloads the v1.1 installer (but don’t run it until step 2).
  2. Shutdown Outlook
  3. Run the new v1.1 installer to update the existing installation to v1.1
  4. Open Outlook and click the Restore Views button on the MYN Views tab to upgrade to the updated views

To Purchase the Product

To purchase the product (if you don’t have it yet) go to this ClearContext company page:


Remember, I don’t make any money on retail sales of this software, so if you have any questions or need other software support, please contact ClearContext directly at:

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5 Responses to Software Update: MYN Views release 1.1

  1. Brent says:

    Hey can you provide a little more understanding around step 4 which reads “Open Outlook and click the Restore Views button on the MYN Views tab to upgrade to the updated views”.

    I don’t know where to find the MYN view tab.

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Hi, Michael, the MYN views Outlook addin you recommended is a great help.

    However, since I am using the german edition of Outlook 365, I have to change the filter criteria / keywords from german to english to make the plugin work correctly.

    When I do a “restore views” reset, my changes are gone and the english filters are back. Having to adjust every time again makes it not so much of a timesaver after all.

    Any idea to get around this? Can i tweak the
    How do I tweak the configuration so that a restore resets to german keywords/ filters?

    • Wolfgang says:

      correction: “change the filter criteria / keywords from ENGLISH to GERMAN to make the plugin work correctly”

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Wolfgang, good question, and I honestly don’t know the answer. The addin is designed, sold, and supported by ClearContext Corp, and all funds go to them, so I’d like you to reach out to them. To contact them, go to and click the Contacts link in the upper right corner. They are pretty responsive, so give that a try, okay? Thanks, Michael

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