ToodleDo’s New Single-List MYN Feature

Jan 18, 2011

Here’s great news for MYN ToodleDo users. If you watched my ToodleDo video, then you may recall I mentioned a change was coming soon that would greatly improve ToodleDo for use with MYN. The new feature allows you to view your complete MYN Task List in one scrolling view (just like the way MYN is configured in Outlook).

Well, it’s here now. The underlying feature that enables that is the ability to do a reverse subsort. This enables you to use the Main, All Tasks tab as your single primary MYN tasks view in MYN.

So MYN ToodleDo users, let me show you how to use this now.

In your MYN- configured copy of ToodleDo, go to your To-Do list in ToodleDo and:

  1. Click on the Main view choice at the very top of the screen,
  2. Select the All Tasks tab (if not already active).
  3. Then click the Sort button. In the Sort bar you will now see a new control; it’s a Forwards/Reverse option to the right of the “and then by” sort; see below.
  4. Now configure the entire sort bar as shown in the figure below:

Note, with this new option set, I recommend you next change your default view from Priority back to Main. To do that:

  1. Click on the Account Settings link in the lower part of the left margin.
  2. At the top of the second section in Account Settings, click Edit next to the Default View control
  3. Change the Default View to Main. Save changes and click the To-Do List link at the top of the left margin.

That’s it! From now on, you can use the Main, All Tasks tab as your MYN tasks list.

By the way, there is still one advantage to using the Priority view with the three tabs (High, Medium, Low)—in those views tasks that start today are highlighted well. But I think the advantage of having all tasks in one list as in this new view outweighs that.

Also, this new setting is included in the MYN pre-configuration settings mentioned in the next blog post above. So if you have not yet set up MYN in ToodleDo and want to include this and all other settings, just follow the instructions above for nearly instant MYN configuration. And for that matter, if you want to add just this new reverse subsort setting, you can add it (and revert any changes you might have accidentally made to your MYN configs) by following the pre-config instructions in the post above as well.

Leave a comment if you have any questions. But note our office will be closed from Tues Jan 18 to Tues morning Jan 25, and we will not be responding to questions during that period.

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4 Responses to ToodleDo’s New Single-List MYN Feature

  1. AS says:

    In your book Total Workday Control using Outlook low priority tasks were given future dates making them disappear so as not to clutter the Now Task list. Are these now included in the one long list? In your filter instructions you have recommended to show all future tasks, is that correct? If so this seems counter-productive as tasks you can’t work on filter to the top if they have a high priority.

    • admin says:

      No, the filter instructions cause future dated tasks to be filtered out. When the word Show is left displayed in TD, that means that is what would happen if you clicked it again; future tasks are actually hidden when you see the word Show. So this matches the Outlook system.

  2. AS says:

    Thanks Michael, obviously I read it wrong. So it would be correct to say that the Now list is still around 20 items and the low priority tasks remain out of sight? This is how I have mine set up at the moment.

    • admin says:

      Yes AS, perfect. And just to be clear, only the Low priority tasks that have a start date in the future remain our of sight (as do all tasks set to the future). And when a Low priority task pops into that section (usually on Mondays), you process them out asap, leaving just High and Medium. For anyone (else) reading this, we are referring to the Defer to Review process described on page 198 of Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook 2nd Ed. (latter part of Lesson 9). Defer to Review is a fantastic way to keep your main task list short and well focused.

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