Another Android Exchange Tasks App

June 30, 2014

I have been meaning to write this for a while. A reader wrote me in March and recommended I look at another Exchange-based task app that he likes. I currently recommend Touchdown as the one app to use if you want to get at your Exchange tasks from an Android device. So having another to choose from can’t hurt. The new one is called “Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange” and you can read about it at this link:

As to MYN compatibility, the reader who recommended it said: “I was able to make it look identical to my Outlook 2013 [MYN] Task list and you can even make the default for new tasks to be a Start Date of Today. The only part that doesn’t work is formatting like underlining tasks where Start Date = Today.”

I have not yet tested the software, so if you try it out, leave a comment below letting me know what you think, particularly on how it sets up for MYN.

Michael Linenberger

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3 Responses to Another Android Exchange Tasks App

  1. Jochen Hermes says:

    Hi Michael.

    I’m using Tasks & Notes since quite some time. Touchdown does not work for me since 1) I don’t like the GUI, so I prefer the stock app for email and 2) I’m using three Exchange accounts and Touchdown supports only a single Exchange account.

    Task&Notes works with multiple accounts. My MYN Today list is the same as in Outlook.
    Here is a short list of my findings:
    + Built in active filter with grouping by priority is almost like MYN Today in Outlook
    + Since one of the last updates: Custom filter with SQL are available, so filtering can be done exactly like in outlook (start date back to the laptop for this feature)
    – Formatting: I can’t change font size, so that the screen space is not enough. The Widget is much more compact.

    On the whole I think this app is excellent, since it is reduced to what you need. But what you really need, you get it in an almost perfect way.

    Best Regards

  2. Georg says:

    There seem to be a lot of updates in Version 10.0 now…

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