Nook Version of Outlook Book Ed 4 on Barnes and Noble

June 26, 2014

It’s actually been there for over a week or more, but did not have the pairing right and was still showing the 3rd Ed. Nook edition paired with the 4th Ed. paperback. They just fixed that. So if you go to the paperback link:

… it shows the right Nook version now.

Michael Linenberger

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2 Responses to Nook Version of Outlook Book Ed 4 on Barnes and Noble

  1. As a proponent for MYN for yrs before I became a Mac user – I am now frustrated there has been nothing offered for Mac users since Mac’s population is widespread. What is the future for Mac users being able to use MYN on Office Outlook Exchange for Mac’s?? Hurry…..

    • Michael Linenberger says:

      Laura, you do know that the 3rd and 4th editions of the Outlook book both cover MYN on Outlook 2011 for Mac? It’s not ideal but it’s doable. Beyond that, it’s up to Microsoft to improve the Mac version of Outlook. The ball is in their court… not much we can do here, given the lousy Tasks system they currently have on that version. True with a lot of things Mac–you get a superior operating system but lose a lot of powerful software. People who consider switching to the Mac need to weigh those pros and cons up front. I know many who have switched back to the PC because they didn’t realize what the were giving up till they cutover to the Mac and then gasped at the lack of software. The Mac only has 8% market share, so Mac users should not hold their breath’s waiting for software companies to come to their rescue and put out equal software–it’s not a slam-dunk business decision. Sad but true–I love Macs, but I also see the reality. You might want to consider Toodledo for MYN tasks. Or emulate a PC on your Mac and run Windows Outlook. Your best options. Michael

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