Got To Do Android App no Longer Available

Apr 17, 2011

Got To Do, which is a venerable Android tasks app, stopped distributing at the end of March.

Some background. If you don’t use Exchange and are using MYN tasks, then I hope you are using ToodleDo as your tasks server (it is the tasks server I recommend for non-Exchange users). ToodleDo supports a number of Android apps but only one worked with MYN: Got To Do and I highly recommended it. However, at the end of March, Got To Do was canceled by its maker, so that created a gap in the MYN tool suite; it left us with no recommended Android tasks app that worked with ToodleDo and MYN.

The good news is that in my next post I talk about the replacement: Pocket Informant. It is a great app. So read that post.


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