I Added a Free Video to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course: Specify Sending Time

July 26, 2018

I’ve added a free video to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course. It’s Video number 8.1 and it shows you how to specify when an email will be sent out.

Doing this can be useful for various reasons. You might want someone to see your email at just a certain time. I use it occasionally to slow down an email conversation. What I mean by that is sometimes I read an email and immediately write my reply, and then it occurs to me that I don’t want this topic to ricochet back and forth all day long, so I set the send time for near the end of the day. There are other uses.

So go to the Outlook Inbox Ninja Course page and scroll down to video 8.1 and take a look. Again, it’s free for anyone to watch. And by the way, I’ve recently marked a number of other videos in that set as being free, too, so take a look.


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