New Full Set of MYN Outlook 365 Video Trainings Just Released

Nov 2, 2016

We’ve just finished creating a full new set of MYN Outlook 365 Video Trainings that focuses on Windows Outlook 2013 and 2016, and how to use it with my MYN system of e-mail and task management. About this release:

  • These are all new videos, 34 in all, that we’ve been working on for eight months.
  • This set essentially replaces the current MYN Outlook video course set, though that current set remains available for previous buyers.
  • The previous video set is also available to new buyers who want to view the older set, say because they still have older versions of Outlook (version 2010 and earlier).
  • As before, this new video set sells for $299.95 for new buyers (see upgrade info below).
  • All previous video purchase links now lead to this new set—it’s our main set now.

Free Access for Recent Buyers (within about 1 year)

Anyone who bought the previous set on or after Oct 1, 2015 has free access to this new video set. Just go to the following link and you should have access after you log in using your previous login information:

Upgrade For Earlier Buyers

Anyone who bought the previous set before Oct 1, 2015 can upgrade to the new set for only $99 by first logging in to your old video set, and then in same browser going to this link:

Why Upgrade to the New Videos?

You don’t have to upgrade, the old videos are still applicable to Outlook 2013 and 2016 (and of course to older versions too). But here’s why you might want to upgrade:

  • The videos are greatly improved with more information and more screen capture video of Outlook in action. Fewer slideshow type presentations. More total material.
  • The videos capture my latest thinking about MYN and Outlook. There is not a ton of this, but my thinking has evolved over the years.
  • If you’ve got the old set and have been thinking about reviewing the material, this is a great time to move up to the new material.
  • From now on, all updates to the Outlook videos will only be placed on the new video set.
  • That includes updates to smartphone software videos—new ones will be placed only on the new set (and there are some new ones there now, including one for the Android app “Nine”).
  • Since coverage of older versions of Outlook is not mixed into this new set, there is less clutter when watching these newer videos. But you can always get to the older videos too.

So start using the new video set today. And if you’ve never bought my MYN Outlook Video training before, this is a great time to get started with a brand new set. Again, for new users, the new video set sells for $299.95

BTW, this is just a blog posting (blog postings are emailed to relatively few people) so we will re-announce this in a newsletter shortly.


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