New Video Added to Outlook Inbox Ninja Course: Showing More Old Email

I have a pet peeve with newer versions of Outlook/Exchange. The default setting for these is to cache (or store) less mail locally, meaning when you scroll or search, only newer mail is shown and older mail may be completely excluded.

Well, it turns out there is a setting for this, a setting that allows you to store much more mail locally, which speeds up scrolling and shows more search returns.

Technically, it’s an easy way to directly control the Cached Exchange setting (expanding the OST cache).

But it’s actually a very easy and practical thing to do. I’ve created a new video in the Outlook Inbox Ninja Video Course that shows you how to do this—to expand how much mail you see at one time and improve search results. It’s Lesson 8.4, and it’s available to all paid users.

Go take a look!

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