Newer MYN ToodleDo Overview Video

Jan 27, 2011

I just updated my MYN ToodleDo Overview and Config video to take advantage of the new MYN Preconfigurations I announced earlier. So it is now much easier to get started with ToodleDo and MYN using that video. If you have any friends or colleagues who you think may be interested, send them a link to this newer video.

Again, here is the new video URL:

I’ve also updated my ToodleDo white paper. Here’s the new link

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4 Responses to Newer MYN ToodleDo Overview Video

  1. Nick says:

    Michael, I’ve one minor issue with Toodledo. The iphone app can show the number of overdue tasks on it’s application icon, and you can select from all tasks to hotlist count. My preference would be “Overdue & Due Today”, but as we’re only using the Start Date (i.e. Due Date has no date), the icon is not able to display a number of tasks.

    Have you noticed this and could there be a workaround?


    • admin says:

      Nick– one workaround is to enter a due date on every Critical Now task in ToodleDo. Pain in the butt, but I think it would solve the problem. And it helps point out Critical Now tasks that you have run over on. Hope that helps a bit. Beyond that would take a significant software change and I doubt ToodleDo makers are game for it since it does not make sense in systems other than MYN.


  2. Albert Iturbe says:

    I have read the ToodleDo white paper, and on page 4, at the end of the second paragraph, just below the table that summarizes recommendations across platforms you write:
    “an optional 3rd party tool that is a solution in some situations (it is a solution by Chromatic Dragon mentioned on the ToodleDo website), but it is unsupported and I do not recommend it.”
    There is another 3rd party tool called Ceptara Organizer that work fine to me. I have been used this Outlook add-in software, similar as Clear Context, and now I’m using also as a synchronization ToodleDo tool.

  3. Nick B says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of focusing on the Critical Now tasks – even more highlighting of the tasks I should be doing.


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