An Android MYN Tasks App that Syncs with ToodleDo: Got To Do

Jan 26, 2011

[APRIL 2011 UPDATE]: Got To Do has been discontinued by its maker!

So I now recommend a different app for Android users: Pocket Informant Android.

PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK for the MYN Android Solution: Pocket Informant.]

For those who may still have an old copy of GotToDo, here is the discussion from January 2011:

—— older now defunct Jan 2011  instructions——

Up to now, MYN ToodleDo users on Android didn’t have a good dedicated App like those available for the iPhone and iPad. Instead, you had to use ToodleDo on the smartphone’s browser to see the MYN views, and that can be hard on the small Android smartphone screens.

Well, there is great news! We finally have a dedicated Android tasks app that syncs with ToodleDo and supports MYN. It’s called Got To Do, and it’s a nice little app. This app was originally designed to match GTD principles, and, with recent changes (released last week) it can now be configured to match MYN principles as well. This fills a great need—this is now the first ToodleDo-syncable Android app that meets MYN standards (as configured below).

Got to Do has great ToodleDo features as well, with a well-implemented due date feature (like the ToodleDo web version, it treats due dates correctly—not linking them to start dates). ToodleDo folders (categories basically) are supported. And subtasks are supported on the paid version.

But you need to configure it a bit first; that’s what follows.

Configuring Got To Do for MYN

Once you download Got To Do here are the steps to configure your copy of Got To Do to match MYN (so it groups by Priority, then sorts within that by start date descending, and filters out tasks with future start dates). This takes about 5 minutes. By the way, I’ve only tested this on the full paid version. They should also work on the free Lite version… maybe someone could confirm and comment?

First, link to your ToodleDo Account:

  • With the Got To Do app open to the first screen, press the hardware menu button on your Android device
  • Click Settings
  • Select ToodleDo Account Setup
  • Select Enable ToodleDo
  • Enter your ToodleDo username (e-mail address), then enter your ToodleDo password
  • Back at the main Settings window select Synchronization Settings, then Synchronization Interval (I set mine to 30 min)
  • To sync for first time use, go to the hardware menu, then tap Sync. Then check the Inbox view to look to see if your tasks came in (don’t worry about sorting, we’ll set that next).

Now, Configure Got To Do Settings for MYN

  • At the first screen, press the hardware menu button, then Settings.
  • Tap Configure Got To Do
  • Tap Configure Startup Screen; choose All Active
  • Tap Future Task Filter; Hide Future Starting, then Hide Starting After: Any future start
  • Return all the way back to main Got To Do screen (the list of views), and select the All Tasks View (near the bottom of scrolling list)
  • Above the top of your task list, at the left, click the down pointing arrow in the white circle
  • In the Select window, tap Sort Order: select Priority, then Start Date

That’s it, the MYN settings are complete. From now on you’ll use the All Tasks View to view your MYN tasks; that view will open by default. In that view, the colored bars at the left indicate priority groups with higher priority at the top. Tasks with newest start dates are at the top within each priority group. And future-dated tasks are hidden.

Let me know how it goes in the comments section below.

All the best, Michael

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10 Responses to An Android MYN Tasks App that Syncs with ToodleDo: Got To Do

  1. Derek Winterburn says:

    Thanks for this set up. I had it figured out in exactly the same way! Nice to know I have Michael’s confirmation.

  2. Jim Purcell says:

    It works like this in the free lite version as well. The difference being that there are ads at the bottom. I wish that an android app or iPad app would come out that supports attachments so I can listen to Voice mails that I send to ToodleDo tasks. Another problem I have found with replacing Outlook with ToodleDo is that it stores all files in one bucket so you can only have 1 voice mail named voicemail.wav. Our phone system stores all messages attached to emails named like this. Other than that, it is a great system and keeps me synced among all my devices.

  3. Balaji Santhanam says:


    I like your application ‘got to Do’ and want to purchase the paid version.

    I’m unable to buy it and bill it to my T-mobile account.Please do help me with this.


  4. Wayne says:

    Are you helping to find a way for the GotToDo app to continue to be supported now that the developer has decided to no longer work on it?

    • admin says:

      I wish we had programmers here that could take over the project. But we do not. Just hoping someone steps in. Otherwise we’ll need to find another MYN suitable Android app!


  5. jim says:

    any options for MYN for android?? anyone? any news?

    • admin says:

      As two possible options, both Pocket Informant Android (PI), and Ultimate To-Do List (also an Android app) can be configured roughly for MYN. However both have important omissions for MYN as follows:

      PI cannot hide all tasks with future start dates (which is very important for MYN). I am in discussions with the Pocket Informant group to add that.

      Ultimate To-Do List has nearly everything, but leaves out the ability to subsort on Start Date descending; that means that within priority groups it puts the oldest start date tasks at top within the priority groups (we want oldest dates at the bottom). I put a feature request some time ago with the Ultimate To Do List folks to change this but no change yet. This is less bad than not hiding future dated tasks, and so Ultimate To-Do List is probably your best bet for now. Unfortunately, the UI on Ultimate is a bit rough. But the software generally works.

      Feel free to also put feature requests in for these features to their respective companies; the more requests, the more likely the changes are made.


      • admin says:

        Good news, we now have a replacement for Got To Do (which is out of business). It’s Pocket Informant Android. They just made the changes needed to support MYN. See this link.

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