Our Videos for (Pocket) Informant Are now Updated for Version 4

July 3, 2015

I’ve been recommending for years that Toodledo users on an Android phone or small Android tablet consider using the app called Pocket Informant to access their Toodledo MYN or 1MTD tasks while on the run.

Well, a while back WebIS Inc, the company that makes that product, upped the version number to 4, and changed the name to Informant. We just caught up with that change and have released new videos to show you how to configure the software for 1MTD and MYN.

Specifically, Video #6 in the Extras page for the 1MTD book has been updated (and is still free). And Lesson 22B in the paid MYN-Toodledo video class has been updated. There are no new features that are relevant to MYN or 1MTD tasks, we’re just keeping up with menu changes and so on.


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2 Responses to Our Videos for (Pocket) Informant Are now Updated for Version 4

  1. Rick says:

    Hi Michael,
    Have landed with using Informant, which is now up to V5, as it links straight in to the iOS Reminders app which is the only way I can get tasks info on my iPhone and iPad through Mobile Iron.
    I have a bit of a tip regarding the configuration you recommend. When you set up the smart filter, why not set up more than one, for example, use the rule start date on or before today and priority equals Normal and call this filter Opportunity Now. Then when you go in to the view you can then sort by start date which will give the tasks in the same order they are in Outlook, i.e. newest at the top. Set up 2 more filters, one for Critical Now, which doesn’t really need the start date sorting as they should all be today, and one for Over the Horizon. You can then flick back and forth between the three views. Again this is not perfect as it doesn’t show all your tasks in one view but it does allow them to be sorted the same as Outlook which I prefer.

  2. Henry Larry says:

    Informant has been my go to for Toodledo on Android and these updated videos are a lifesaver for keeping up with the changes. Appreciate the heads up.
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