Outlook Mac seems To Have AppleScript Working Again

Jan 28, 2017

I recently updated my Mac to OS X Sierra and decided to test the AppleScript in Outlook Mac 2016, the script that converts e-mails to tasks. I had to reinstall it, but it is definitely working now. I placed my updated instructions for getting it installed at the old article about this capability, at this link.

History on This (In case Interested)

When Outlook for Mac 2011 was released in 2010, it shipped with an AppleScript installed that converted e-mails to tasks. It was (and still is) the only way to convert e-mails to tasks on the Mac version of Outlook. The drag and drop functionality of Windows Outlook is not present on the Mac. Using the script does not pick up attachments, but otherwise seems to work.

In 2011, Microsoft stopped delivering that script with most Outlook for Mac installs. But if you copied the script from somewhere else and installed it in the right script folder, it would work.

Then in 2014 I think it was (I cannot remember), with an OS X update, all script capabilities on Outlook were blocked “for security reasons.” In the years after that some people were able to hack it in, but we didn’t support that.

So it’s good to see that the capability is back. Again, instructions for getting it installed are at my old article about this capability at this link.


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