Problems in a New Release of Outlook 2016, And a Fix

Nov 9, 2017

For those of you that subscribe to Office 365, you know that you can receive updates to Office with new features quite regularly—it’s one of the advantages to that subscription. But it can sometimes work against you. Specifically, in a new release that came out in October (and one that’s still the latest release), Microsoft inserted a problem in Outlook 2016. They accidentally eliminated the View Settings command in every place it was located in Outlook. So if you have not updated Office 365 since before October, I recommend you reject offers to update Office for a while till they make the fix.

If you DID accept that update, note that this is primarily an issue for new MYN users because the View Settings command is what you use to insert the MYN settings into Outlook’s To-Do Bar (using Chapter 3 of my Outlook book, or Lessons 8 and 9 of my video course). Since it’s now missing that’s quite a problem for new MYN users.

This problem is documented at this Microsoft link. They show a workaround, but it is not applicable to the To-Do Bar. So if you are a new user of MYN following my instructions and have that update, you may be wondering what to do.

The Fix

Well, the good news is there is another workaround—a fix—that you can if you are a new user who is formatting the To-Do Bar, and here it is: Simply follow my instructions at this article to add the Change Views button to the Outlook 2016 Quick Access toolbar and create the MYN Tasks view per instructions there. Then select it and make it active in the To-Do Bar.

Doing that is a temporary stop gap to be used until Microsoft releases a new release of Outlook 2016 with a fix. That said, the Change View button is a pretty useful tool, as described in that article, so consider using it as described there.


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